Rays of Hope Foundation Receives First Corporate Sponsorship from Bridgevine

Rays of Hope Foundation (ROH), a nonprofit organization that helps single mothers going through breast cancer treatment with their basic needs, was Bridgevine’s designated charity at its recent Company Launch Team Challenge. Each team selected a charity to whom they would donate their award winnings award. The winning team unanimously selected ROH as its recipient. Tenora Finley, founder of ROH and an employee of Bridgevine, was honored to receive the proceeds. It was the first corporate sponsorship made to ROH.

According to Finley, she had no idea that a team of her fellow colleagues had chosen to award ROH at their company-sponsored competition. “I was in the back of the room preparing for the next phase of the event, when I heard the announcement that the winning team had chosen Rays of Hope as their charity of choice.” Finley explains “I was ecstatic and so incredibly touched by the news.”

Finley, who has been in remission from stage two breast cancer since 2011, started the foundation to support women who face the challenges that she faced. As a single mother, she was heavily reliant on her friends and family for childcare, transportation to treatment and meal preparation. “I realize that I wanted something to come from what I went through. I wanted to help the women who weren’t as blessed as I was,” says Finley.

Single mothers with minors, make up an estimated 20 percent of individuals diagnosed with cancer each year. These women not only face financial hardships, but mental, and, of course, physical anguish as well. This strain can have long lasting effects on both mother and child, while also hindering the focus on recovery.

Bridgevine, being sympathetic to this particular need, and of course privy to Finley’s struggle, was more than happy to contribute to the cause. Sean Barry, chief executive officer of Bridgevine was especially proud of this sponsorship. Not only because the cause speaks to the values Bridgevine encompasses, but because of the personal character of the Tenora. “Finley has also given a Bridgevine Internal “TED-like” talk on what it takes to overcome adversity. Her transparency oh how she struggled and her openness to help others battling breast cancer is inspiring and amazing. I am confident ROH will make a difference in the community and we’re pleased to be a part of the story.”

About Rays of Hope Foundation

Founded in 2014, Rays of Hope is a nonprofit organization that provides support to single mothers with breast cancer -from treatment through recovery. Services provided by ROH include meal delivery, childcare and transportation to treatment facilities. For more information visit http://raysofhopefoundation.net/.

About Bridgevine

Bridgevine is a powerful customer acquisition solution company who makes it easy for clients to reach, acquire, and retain customers across all relevant points of customer contact; including online, mobile, contact centers, and retail. The company’s technology and marketing services are used by the leading brands in the telecommunications, cable, satellite, home security, and energy sectors; powering more than 40 million consumer interactions each year. For more information about Bridgevine, visit www.bridgevine.com.